Who We Are

Montanans Assembling Together for Christian Home Education (MATCHE) is a homeschool support ministry for the Bitterroot Valley of western Montana and beyond. The idea was born in 2017 when a husband and wife realized that “retirement” from homeschooling wasn't the direction God was leading them. With support and encouragement from their church, the idea gradually took shape and grew into something bigger than they imagined.

MATCHE exists to support Christian homeschool families in the Bitterroot Valley with training, encouragement, and a sense of connection that builds strength and mutual support.

We believe parents have the right and responsibility to educate their children at home without government control or regulations. We believe this is especially important for Christian families in our post-Christian culture. And we believe the Christian homeschool community is stronger when united than when operating exclusively as autonomous, disconnected units. With that in mind, MATCHE exists to facilitate points of connection and a sense of community among Christian homeschool families, and to support each family's effort to educate their own children in a God honoring environment.

MATCHE is an outreach and support ministry of Grace Gospel Fellowship, which provides leadership, godly counsel, and financial support. Grace Gospel is a Reformed Baptist family-integrated fellowship meeting in Hamilton, MT, to worship and grow in Christian maturity. We invite anyone who is looking for a church home in the Bitterroot Valley to consider joining us.