If you have questions that are not answered below, please Contact Us.

Q: Are my children allowed to attend with me?

A: While we support family integration, we strongly recommend that children younger than 12 years of age do not attend with you. Childcare will not be provided. The session topics are designed for parents, and children are likely to find them... well... boring. Asking a young child to sit quietly for hours in this setting is probably not realistic, even for the most patient and well-behaved children. Parents will be able to focus on the content better and children will likely be happier with a trusted caregiver. Infants and nursing babies are an obvious exception. A non-staffed "cry room" will be available for parents to settle fussy babies and for mothers who would like to have a private space for nursing. If older children are attending with you, please include their names in the registration form.

Q: Can I sell my extra materials at the Used Curriculum and Book Sale?

A: Yes! You are welcome to participate by bringing used materials for this sale which is one of the most popular extra perks of the conference. Shopping at this sale is available only to conference attendees on Friday, then open to the public on Saturday. You must sign up IN ADVANCE for this separately from the conference and prepare your materials for the sale in advance, no exceptions. There is a specific procedure for this, including a required drop off window on Thursday before the conference. Email us if you want to participate as a seller and we will connect you with the sale coordinator: Contact Us

Q: Will meals or snacks be provided?

A: We will provide bottled water for attendees, but we do not anticipate providing snacks or meals. You are welcome to bring your own sack lunch and dinner, and we will provide limited indoor seating for this. The church facility operates a coffee bar that will be open limited hours during the event. We encourage you to explore the local restaurants in downtown Hamilton for meals. We are hoping to provide discount coupons at local restaurants for conference attendees, to be included in the registration packet you'll receive at the door.

Q: Where in Hamilton will the conference be held?

A: We will use the Assembly of God church at 601 W. Main Street in Hamilton as the conference facility.

Q: What about parking?

A: Free parking is available at the Assembly of God church parking lot and along the neighborhood streets in the area.

Q: Can I leave during the day and come back later?

A: Yes. Your conference name tag, included in the registration packet you'll receive at the door, will allow you back into the conference for free.

Q: What if I can only come for part of the day?

A: The registration table will be open all day for your convenience, and we hope you'll benefit from attending as much of the conference as possible. Registration fees will not be adjusted for partial day attendance.

Q: Are registration fees refundable?

A: Refunds for cancelled registrations will be available upon request until Friday, May 6. The refund will be reduced by a $5 processing fee. Refund requests will not be accepted after May 6.