Conference Session Topics

The 2022 Bitterroot Christian Homeschool Conference will include FIVE General Sessions in the main auditorium for all attendees to enjoy together.

In addition, there will be FOUR Breakout Session times, with multiple topic choices offered at each time. We invite you to attend the sessions of your choice. Husbands and wives do not have to attend the sessions together; some couples may want to benefit from more topics by splitting up for the Breakout Sessions.

Note that topics and times are subject to change.

General Session Topics

Friday, May 13, General Session #1 and Keynote Kick-Off

9:00-10:30am Douglas Bond: Being Historians In a Post-History World -- 7 Biblical Reasons Why You Must Know Church History

Don't we believe in sola Scriptura, the Bible alone? If so, then why do we need to know much about history? Isn't the Bible sufficient? This first general session will examine what the Word of God itself teaches us about the essential importance of knowing our history and our heritage.

Friday, May 13, General Session #2

1:30-2:45pm Douglas Bond: Teaching Our Children the Bad News -- Why Teaching Your Children to Try Harder Doesn't Work

This general session will explore what happens when we ask the law to do what only grace can accomplish in the lives of our children--and in the lives of their parents.

Friday, May 13, General Session #3

6:30-8:00pm Mike Donnelly: Elites to Homeschooling Families: "We're Coming For You"

Increasing numbers of intellectual elites are calling for dramatic regulation and even eradication of private and home education. Although the U.S. Supreme Court has recognized parents’ rights to direct the education and upbringing of their children, American homeschoolers need to prepare to confront growing resistance to freedom in education—especially homeschooling. Come hear Mike examine this growing threat and discuss how American homeschoolers must face it.

Saturday, May 14, General Session #4

8:30-10:00am Mike Donnelly: Defending the Freedom to Homeschool

Homeschooling is legal in all 50 states, but forces still work to capture our children’s minds, bodies, and souls. These forces seek to erode our current freedoms—and our will to preserve them. What can we do to ensure that the freedom we have to homeschool is secured for posterity? Come hear Mike, a homeschooling father of seven, answer that question.

Saturday, May 14, General Session #5

11:45am-1:00pm Douglas Bond: The Formula For a Perfect Family -- How To Solve All Of Your Family and Homeschooling Problems In Three Easy Steps

This last general session will examine some of the family and homeschool fallacies we have passed through in recent decades, and the biblical way forward, the only way to be a godly family, graciously equipped for living to the glory of God in a godless world (Spoiler alert--there's no simplistic three-step plan. There's only a one-step plan).

Breakout Sessions

FRIDAY 11:00am-Noon Breakout Session #1

  • Douglas Bond: 7 Things I'm Learning From C.S. Lewis About Writing -- And How You Can Teach These To Your Children

Though the author of the much-loved Chronicles of Narnia never wrote a treatise on writing, Lewis did drop invaluable nuggets of writing wisdom throughout his letters and lectures. This writing workshop will explore these nuggets and how to teach them to your children.

  • Mike Donnelly: Forging Ahead -- Apprenticeships In the 21st Century

Homeschooled students may be better prepared for college than many other college-bound teens, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only option. But what alternatives do our bright, well-educated, well-socialized homeschooled students have? In this talk, Mike offers practical tips and insightful advice on finding resources and apprenticeships to help guide teens towards their callings.

  • Faith Berens: You Can Homeschool Students With Special Needs - We Can Help!

This workshop provides an overview of HSLDA’s Struggling Learner / Special Needs Department and the many resources we provide to both members and non-members. Faith shares diagnostic checklists for struggling learners, discusses common roadblocks homeschooling parents face (and how to navigate around them), and shares strategies for achieving success with your children who learn differently.

FRIDAY 3:00-4:00pm Breakout Session #2

  • Douglas Bond: C-4 Explosive Writing -- 12 Things I Reteach Myself Every Time I Write a Book

After asking the four major questions everyone must learn to ask themselves about their own writing (and answering those questions), this writing workshop will lay out the twelve most important things to remember about the writing process, and ways to teach these to your children.

  • Mike Donnelly: Is Today's Military Right For My Child?

Serving in the United States military is generally considered patriotic and an honorable profession. But how can societal changes reflected in the military impact a parent’s view of military service today? What is involved in serving in the military, and how should parents mentor their children considering military service? Mike served as a platoon leader in combat during Desert Storm with the U.S. Army’s Third Armored Cavalry Regiment. In this talk, he discusses practical and philosophical issues about serving in today’s military. Come with questions and be prepared to be challenged in your thinking.

  • Faith Berens: Dyslexia Demystified -- Hope and Help For Homeschoolers

In this workshop, Faith defines what dyslexia is (and what it is not), discusses the different types of dyslexia as well as levels of struggle (mild, moderate, severe), and then offers hope by sharing the types of necessary teaching methods, research-based interventions, and programs that you can implement in your homeschool. Faith offers hope and encouragement in addition to tricks and strategies to add to your teaching toolkit!

FRIDAY 4:15-5:15pm Breakout Session #3

  • Douglas Bond: Christ-Centered Fathering -- Teaching Our Sons To Stand Fast and Hold Fast By Grace Alone

We live in a world that has almost entirely severed itself from what the Bible teaches us about masculinity, being a man in a gender-neutral, gender-dysphoric, anti-manhood, and anti-womanhood world. There is a way out of the darkness--but only one way.

  • Faith Berens: Tackling Tricky High School Issues -- Creative Coursework For Teens Who Struggle

This workshop addresses some of the challenges associated with teaching struggling or atypical learners at home in the high school years. Do you have questions such as “How do I award my child with special needs a diploma?” or “What do I do since my child with dyslexia can’t read typical high school level material?” Faith discusses alternative coursework, specialized curricula and learning materials, assistive technology, transcript options, possible graduation guidelines, high school programs for special learners, and post–high school options. She also offers tips for navigating the process of applying for testing accommodations for College Board tests.

  • Pam Lucashu: School Choice -- Don't Take the Bait

Remember: always follow the money. When COVID revealed what government schools were really teaching, many parents began seeking alternatives. At the same time, we see a renewed push for “School Choice”, from organizations that say “the funding should follow the child.” Have we followed the money of the organizations pushing School Choice? Who is funding them? Who benefits? “School Choice- Don’t Take the Bait’ reveals who is behind the funding and why taking “School Choice” funds will result in no choice.

SATURDAY 10:15-11:15am Breakout Session #4

  • Douglas Bond: Being a Godly Woman in a Godless World (and in a far from perfect home)

This session will explore the lives of several godly women who found themselves in horrific arranged marriages to monstrously godless haters of Reformation and the recovery of the five solas of the Bible alone, Grace alone, Faith alone, Christ alone, and living their lives to the glory of God alone. We will discover how to live life to the glory of God when what God has ordained for your life seems far from perfect.

  • Mike Donnelly: The 3 P's of Homeschool Dadship

Are you sitting on the sideline in your homeschool, Dad? Your wife needs you to get involved. But with so many demands in today’s world, how can a busy dad do it? How can you be involved in homeschooling? Teaching a class? Casting a vision? Leading devotions? These are all important, and in order to do these things, you must manage your schedule and carefully prioritize your time. In this talk, Mike shares how you can do all of this.

  • Faith Berens: THAT Child -- Helping Your Bright But Struggling Student

In this workshop Faith shares from her own homeschool experience (the wins and the fails), tips for teaching the wiggly one, the unmotivated/reluctant one, and the bright but struggling one. From one homeschooling mama to another, teaching "that one"-Faith shares from a heart of empathy and faith in the Lord, that you can do this and home education truly is a customizable educational plan to help your "that one" reach his full, God-given potential.