Co-Ops and Classes

Co-Op groups provide an opportunity for activities with a larger group of students and a unique setting for group dynamics, cooperative learning, and field trips. Many families find that co-ops add a fun dimension of active learning to complement their regular studies at home. The Bitterroot Valley offers multiple opportunities for participating in co-ops and other special group classes. Each group and class listed below has its own unique structure, style, and leadership, not necessarily affiliated with MATCHE. Interested parents should contact the group for specific information.

Friday School

Friday School is a Christian co-op that meets for classes together in Hamilton every other Friday from September through April. They take field trips together on the alternating Fridays. Students are preschool through high school age. Space is limited. For more information contact Janet at

Lone Rock Homeschool Group

Lone Rock Homeschool Group is a Christian co-op that meets for class days every other Friday through out the school year. They also offer group field trips and outreach opportunities. Students are preschool age to middle school age (with room for expansion if there becomes a need). Space is limited. For more information please contact Allison at (406) 529-2542.

Classical Conversations

The purpose of Classical Conversations® is to lead the home-centered education movement by teaching parents and students the classical tools of learning so that they can discover God’s created order and beauty— and as a result— enable others to do the same. Our families thrive using three keys to a great education: Classical, Christian, and Community.

There are two Classical Conversations groups in the Bitterroot Valley. For more information please contact Korie Jessop at or 406-381-9028; Jenny Harrold at ; or go to